Underwater Wonders

Diving in south east Queensland always guarantees a treasure trove of aquatic delights – these photos are from recent dives to North Stradbroke Island and Cook Island, Gold Coast :-)


Nudis Nudis everywhere

I’m glad to say my one and only New Year’s resolution is going quite well :-) I have found some beautiful nudibranchs the last few times I have been diving – all of these little gems were found off North Stradbroke Island. It is amazing what you can find when you start looking! Chelidonura_inornata_soft_coral-hypselodoris_obscuraRoboastra_luteolineata-Chromodoris_spp_to_idchelidonura_inornataChromodoris_splendida

Wolf Rock

Wolf Rock is an amazing dive site just north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The main drawcard here is the presence of critically endangered Grey Nurse Sharks, the sharks here being pregnant females that aggregate before giving birth (where exactly is not  known). The diving is quite thrilling, the day I went the water was a bit murky which only added to the atmosphere of seeing shark silhouettes emerging out of the gloom, and then suddenly being amongst so many sharks, up to 20 sometimes!

Apart from these beautiful sharks, we were lucky enough to have some very interactive manta rays entertain us at the end of the dives, running out of air the only thing that got us out of the water!


And here is a short video that really shows how great the diving at Wolf Rock is!